The Journey Begins

This past weekend marked a major milestone in my journey to compete in the Trans America Bike Race. As many of you know, I have been planning this trip for many, many months. I started initial planning over the summer and continued in the fall. I went public about my commitment to the race in December, and many of my friends and family have provided immense encouragement and support. I am truly grateful for every dollar and kind word that I have received from people I am very close to, have never met, and everyone in between. Having the support of so many people encourages me to plan and train as much as possible to achieve this goal. To date, 33 people have donated through GoFundMe, 4 people have donated through other methods, and countless people have encouraged me through countless conversations. To everyone included in this count, THANK YOU! It is incredible to feel this amount of support from you all.

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And this weekend, I was able to check off a major item in the early stages of physically preparing for the race; I purchased and built my bicycle that I will be using to make this journey! This bicycle and I are going to get to know each other very well during the 4,223 mile journey, and I am thrilled about the machine that I am able to use. I was able to take it out on a quick 25 minute ride on some local streets around my house, but I am incredibly eager to go on training rides and practicing my bike packing skills. Unfortunately, I will not be able to keep this bike with me at all times as I go to school in North Philadelphia. I do not want to risk unnecessary damage or theft, so I will not be able to ride it during the week at school. Fortunately, it is always a quick train ride away for me to go home and practice riding.

With this new bike, I have felt an overwhelming sense of excitement as this dream to compete and finish the Trans Am Bike Race became one step closer this weekend. Thank you again to everyone involved, I can not thank you enough for pushing me to reach this goal. Thank you, and I look forward to updating you more often on my progress now that things are starting to get moving!

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