Easter or Christmas?

This past weekend was one of the last major milestones in preparation for the Trans Am Bike Race 2019 – all loaded up! On Friday, I picked up the tent I will be borrowing from my good friend Jeff Weaver. He is lending me a two person tent that is large enough for rest for both my bicycle and myself. On Saturday, I took a trip down to Lancaster Bicycle Shop where I picked up my last major gear order. I purchased my large saddle back, frame bag, handlebar bag, aero bars, and some other items that I will use along the journey.

As you can tell, I am super excited to check off this step in the overall process of the race. I finally have (almost) everything I need to set off for the race, and I am once again humbled by the generosity of everyone who has donated and supported me this far. While I have been saving rapidly and living simply, I fully understand and appreciate the fact that all of this has been made possible through generous friends and family. Once again, a big thank you to everyone involved in this journey. And of course, a huge thank you to my parents (see them in the window?) who have been incredibly encouraging along the way and have allowed me to come home just to spend time with the bike. 🙂

On Saturday evening, I was able to enjoy an Easter celebration dinner with my parents, grandparents, aunt, sister, and girlfriend. We went to an intimate, country restaurant where I filled up on the buffet and enjoyed spending time with those who I do not see as often as I would like. Unfortunately, we did not all get a picture together, but my girlfriend and I were excited about the postcards we found. I love you Heifer. ❤

On Sunday, we were able to enjoy going to church with Amanda’s parents followed by an awesome brunch at Loch Nairn. We had a great time celebrating Easter and more specifically, the resurrection of Jesus, together! On top of that, I also have been excited all weekend about the recent progress with the preparation for the bike race!

The past week of training went very well as I push my physical and mental limits, and I look forward to continuing to push these limits this week. Could I be putting in some serious miles next weekend on the loaded up bike? Only time will time will tell. Until next time…

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